What Will You Learn?

Do you want to understand the essentials of DevOps? Or do you want to learn how DevOps works in the real IT World? Our DevOps Basics Online Workshop (110 Minutes) will help you to understand the following:

  • DevOps Definition

  • History Of DevOps

  • DevOps Goals

  • DevOps Values

  • DevOps Feedback Loops

  • Steps To DevOps Success

  • DevOps Automation Tools

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Defining DevOps

    • Introduction

    • Learning Objectives

    • DevOps Terms You Should Know

    • DevOps Definition

    • Quiz Question

    • DevOps History Lesson

    • The Importance Of DevOps

    • DevOps VS Traditional IT

    • 10 Common Myths Of DevOps

    • The Benefits Of DevOps

    • The Challenges Of DevOps

    • DevOps VS Agile

  • 2

    Exploring DevOps

    • DevOps Goals

    • DevOps Values

    • DevOps Stakeholders

    • DevOps Automation

    • DevOps Lifecycle

    • DevOps Principles

    • DevOps Feedback Loops

    • DevOps Roles

    • The Three Ways Of DevOps

  • 3

    Adopting DevOps

    • DevOps Continuous Integration

    • DevOps Continuous Delivery

    • DevOps Practices

    • 5 Steps To DevOps Success

    • DevOps Automation Tools

    • DevOps FAQS

    • The Future Of DevOps

    • Next Steps

  • 4

    What Did You Learn?

    • Assessment Instructions

    • Assessment

  • 5

    How Did We Do? Tell Us...

    • DevOps Basics Online Workshop Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got burning questions? You might be able to find the answers for them here:

  • What Are The Prerequisites?

    There are no mandatory entry requirements for the DevOps Basics Online Workshop.

  • Is There An Examination?

    The DevOps Basics Online Workshop will provide you with over one hour of content and culminates with a 25-question assessment at the end to test your knowledge. If you pass the assessment with 80%, you will be awarded with a Certificate Of Attendance.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Our DevOps Basics Online Workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about DevOps.

  • What Are The Technical Requirements?

    You will need access to a laptop, or mobile device, which is equipped with headphones or speakers.