What Will You Learn?

Do you want to become certified in Artificial Intelligence? Learn everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in under 10 hours! The BCS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation Certification will cover:

  • The History Of AI

  • The Benefits And Challenges Of AI

  • Ethical And Sustainable AI

  • How To Use AI In Business Projects

  • The Future Of AI + Humans

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Sustainable Human & AI

    • Introduction

    • Exercise Documents

    • Journey Home - So What!

    • Chapter 1 - Introduction

    • Learning Objectives

    • Human And AI - Part 1

    • Human And AI - Part 2

    • Dictionary Definition - IQ & EQ

    • Aristotle

    • The Scientific Method - Objective

    • Emotional Intelligence - EQ - Subjective

    • The Industrial Revolutions

    • Universal Design - Design For All

    • Exercise One

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • History Of AI & Machine Learning

    • Machines Learn From Data

    • Tom Mitchell Definition Of ML

    • Heuristic - Sometimes Works

    • A Human Being Is More Than IQ & EQ

    • Go With Your Gut Feeling - Magnus Walker

    • The Digital Human

    • AI - Deep Learning

    • What Have We Learned?

    • Dilts’s Logical Levels

    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • Logical Levels Of Change

    • NLP - Helps People With Change

    • AI And The Rational Agent

    • Chapter 1 - Quiz

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got burning questions? You might be able to find the answers for them here:

  • What Are The Prerequisites?

    There are no entry-level requirements for the BCS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation training course, all of the information that is required to pass the examination is included in the courseware.

  • What Is The Examination Format?

    The examination consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and has a duration of one hour. In order to pass the examination, you must score 26/40. The examination is an online proctored exam conducted by BCS.

  • Who Should Attend?

    The BCS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation training course is focused on professionals internationally with an interest in, or a need to implement AI in an organisation. Professionals working in areas such as Science, Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Finance, or IT Services.

  • Do I Need Identification For The Examination?

    You will be required to have some form of photo ID (passport, government ID or equivalent) for the examination. If the examination includes a document to be printed, then please ensure that you have a printer in the room where you will be sitting the exam. Some examination institutes will ask you to have a small mirror or reflective surface and the proctor will request that you hold this up to show there is nothing attached to the webcam or even the laptop itself. Also, Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave must also be installed on your desktop or laptop prior to the examination.

  • What Are The Technical Requirements?

    You will need access to a laptop with headphones, or speakers.